Asiatic Caracal


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    • The Caracal is struggling to survive, although both species (Cheetahs) had a similar distribution in the past. 
      • The caracal is on the verge of extinction in India and it is essential to find suitable areas to conserve it

    About Asiatic caracal 

    • Scientific Name: Caracall caracal schmitz
    • It is an elusive medium-sized and locally threatened felid (cat) species, which has been widely reported to be on the brink of extinction in India.
    • The reasons are large-scale hunting, illegal trading and loss of natural habitats are considered significant threats to the species. 
    • Habitat : Rajasthan,Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana , Uttar Pradesh, and Maharashtra .
    • Historical Linkages: The caracal was the only other feline which was used for hunting in India. 
      • It is known that Firoz Shah Tughlaq had many of them in his hunting establishment.
      •  It was well established in the Mughal Court for Abul Fazl records that Akbar was very fond of using this plucky little animal for hunting purposes.
      • The animal had no Hindi or Urdu name but was known in India by its Persian name of Siyahgosh or ‘black ears’.
    • Protection Status: The caracal is currently included in Schedule I of the Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972 and the Near Threatened category by the Conservation Assessment and Management Plan and International Union for Conservation of Nature Red list assessment in India.