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    • India’s first portal named NIDAAN’ on arrested narco offenders ‘ gets operational.


    • About:
      • The National Integrated Database on Arrested Narco-offenders portal  has been developed by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB).
      • It is part of the narcotics coordination mechanism (NCORD) portal that was launched in July 2022 during the national conference on ‘Drug trafficking and national security‘.
    • Key Features: 
      • It sources its data from the ICJS (inter-operable criminal justice system) and the e-Prisons (a cloud-based application) repository and it is planned to integrate it in the future with the crime and criminal tracking network system or CCTNS.
        • The ICJS, an initiative of the Supreme Court e-committee, was created to enable seamless transfer of data and information among different pillars of the criminal justice system, like courts, police, jails and forensic science laboratories, from one platform.
    • Significance:
      • It is a one-stop solution for all narcotics offenders‘ related data and will help investigative agencies as an effective tool to connect the dots while probing narcotics cases.
      • It hosts data about those accused who have been arrested and jailed for drug offenses and those who are “directly or indirectly involved in any narcotics or psychotropic substance.
      • Any agency can search for the crime history, personal details, fingerprints, court cases and appeals made etc. with regard to a drug offender from any part of the country.