Kodava Takke Language


    In News

    • A book of poems by a veteran Kodagu poet has brought the spotlight on Kodava Takke, an endangered language.

    About Kodava Takke

    • A language in the Dravidian group
    • The original language of the Kodagu district in Southern Karnataka
    • UNESCO has classified the language as an Endangered Language.
    • It has no separate script and is traditionally written using the Kannada script
    • According to the 2001 census, Kodava takke is spoken by just 166,187 people.

    About Kodavas

    • It is a small martial community in Kodagu district in Karnataka.
    • It is an ethno-linguistic tribe, claiming to be the original inhabitants of Kodagu. 
    • Traditionally, they are land-owning agriculturists.
    • The community has its rituals around guns and weapons like swords.
    • The special privilege to own firearms without a license was granted to the Kodavas.

    Kailpodh festival (festival of arms) 

    • It is celebrated annually in the month of September.
    • It is marked by the worship of guns, Odi Kathi and Peeche Kathi (two different kinds of swords), and agricultural equipment. 

    Source: LM ; IE