World Economic Forum’s Davos Agenda ’22


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    • The theme-setting World Economic Forum (WEF) Agenda on the ‘State of the World’ will see government and corporate leaders talk about critical global challenges, with a special address by the Prime Minister ahead of the Davos meeting.


    • The World Economic Forum (WEF) is an international organization: headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.
    • It brings together: its membership of political and business leaders each year to discuss major issues that impact the global economy.
      • These include but are not limited to political, economic, social, and environmental concerns.
    • Davos: The WEF is best known for its annual World Economic Forum Meeting at Davos, the Swiss ski resort.
      • The event regularly draws business and political leaders from around the world for a series of discussions about global issues.
    • The WEF has no independent decision-making power: but seeks to influence powerful people to make decisions that benefit the global community.
    • The organization is funded: through its own membership, which includes many prominent business and political figures.


    • Networking hub rather than an intellectual nebula: While the WEF sees large-scale participation from industry, business leaders, civil society and international organizations each year, it has been criticized for being more of a networking hub than an intellectual nebula or a forum for finding effective solutions to global problems.
    • Lack of representation: The platform, which provides an opportunity for collaboration through dialogue, is also criticized for the lack of representation of various sections of civil society and for not providing effective solutions.


    • It influences public sector and corporate decision-making: particularly on issues of global importance such as poverty, social challenges, climate change and global economic recovery.
    • Building economies: Closing the vaccine gap, building the resilience of global value chains in addition to building economies in fragile markets through humanitarian investment.
    • It will also discuss data solutions: to prepare for the next pandemic.
    • The environment and related issues: such as biodiversity destruction and human-made disasters dominate the WEF’s current list of most pressing global concerns.
    • It will see the launch of other WEF initiatives: aimed at accelerating the mission on the economic opportunity of nature-positive solutions and on cyber-resilience.

    World Economic Forum (WEF) and the Great Reset

    • A major theme in recent WEF publications and events is the concept that the global economic, political, and social order must go through a “Great Reset” in the face of technological progress, environmental concerns, and the economic destruction resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • The Great Reset includes a wide range of suggested reforms linked to economic, societal, geopolitical, environmental, and technological concerns.
    • The reset calls for massive redistribution of wealth and the reduction of competition, creative destruction, and economic growth in favor of collective goals, government control, and social welfare.

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