Kamikaze Drones


    In News

    • Recently, Russia attacked Kyiv with a swarm of Iranian Kamikaze drones


    About Kamikaze drones


    • These are made in Iran, where they are known as Shahed-136, which could be translated as “witness of faith” but also as “martyr”. 
      • Unlike drones that return to base once missiles are launched, “kamikaze” or “suicide” drones are destroyed in an attack.
      • There are drones that fire missiles and then there are ones which are missiles themselves.
    • They are also called Switchblade drones.
      • They are called Switchblade because their bladelike wings spring out on launch.
    • They are precise, small in size, able to effectively penetrate air defenses when fired in groups. 

    Countries that has such drones

    • Although the Kamikaze might be the most advanced form of this genre of drones, Russia, China, Israel, Iran and Turkey all have some version of it. 

    Source: IE