Commodity Fetishism


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    In modern society, Commodity Fetishism  is accentuated by the use of brand names over quality or use-value of the product.

    About Commodity Fetishism

    • Introduced in the first chapter of Karl Marx’s most ambitious project, Das Kapital, or Capital: A Critique of Political Economy,
      • He applied his analysis of commodities in capitalism to society as a whole through the concept of commodity fetishism. 
    • The term describes how the social relationships of production and exchange among people take the form of relationships between things (money and commodities) under capitalism.
    • The term fetishism in anthropology refers to the belief among indigenous cultures of inanimate objects (such as totems) possessing godly or mystical powers. 
    • Marx separates the religious connotation of the term and uses it to understand how commodities possess mystical powers once in the market as it severs ties with the production process.