Vikas Portal


    In  News 

    • Recently, the Union Minister for Rural Development and Panchayati Raj launched MIS (Management Information System) Vikas Portal for rankings of States/UTs in Land Acquisition Projects under RFCTLARR Act, 2013
      • This portal is a result of the vision of the Prime Minister of India to give impetus to the government’s Gati Shakti Mission.

    About the Vikas Portal

    • The Department of Land Resources developed this MIS portal to capture information on various parameters of land acquisition, required for ranking of the State/UTs, which is a software-driven program to submit information by respective State/UTs on land acquisition for developmental projects. 
    • The portal is developed in house by the NIC team of the department with zero cost. 
    • MIS portal will show data and figures and it will show the speed of the development in the country. 


    • In the first phase, land acquisition under RFCTLARR Act, 2013 undertaken from 01.01.2014 onwards will be covered for ranking purposes and this will be a continuous process. 
    • The suggestions/inputs received from the States/UTs have been considered and incorporated in the parameters for rankings. 
      • Each State/UT will get marks out of a total of 140 marks. There is also the provision of the negative marking for delaying implementation.
    • The entire ranking process is on auto mode and there will be no interference of the department in the raking process.

    Significance and need 

    • Delayed implementation of the projects in the country is being noticed which increases the project cost and hampers the speed of development. 
      • With the help of Vikas Portal, the ranking will be available to all the States therefore it will be easier for them to monitor the progress of the developmental projects. 
    • The portal will provide healthy competition to the States/UTs. 

    About  Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013( RFCTLARR Act, 2013).

    • The RFCTLARR Act 2013  replaces the colonial Land Acquisition Act, 1894.
    • The new law gives people a say in land acquisition and makes the process participative, humane and transparent. 
    • It promises to put an end to forcible acquisitions, enhances compensation to landowners, resettles and rehabilitates families displaced by land acquisition and gives the gram sabha decision-making powers in land acquisition.
    •  It puts a check on the government from indiscriminately acquiring land for uncertain public purposes.

    Source: PIB