Samudrayaan Project


    In News 

    • Under the Deep Ocean Mission, a manned scientific submersible has been proposed to be developed for deep ocean exploration.
    •   The project is named Samudrayaan.

    About Samudrayaan Project

    • It is a part of the Ministry of Earth Sciences’ pilot project for deep ocean mining for rare minerals.
    • National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT) had developed and tested a ‘personnel sphere’ for a manned submersible system for a 500-metre water depth rating.
      • One Titanium alloy personnel sphere for a manned submersible system for 6000-metre water depth rating is under development in association with Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, ISRO, Thiruvananthapuram.
    • The Matsya 6000: 
      • It is the deepwater manned submersible under the Samudrayan project.
        • It aims to send humans underwater for deep-sea exploration; it is a five-year project at an estimated cost of ?350 crores.
        • It is capable of carrying three human beings in a titanium alloy personnel sphere of a 2.1-metre diameter enclosed space with an endurance of 12 hours and an additional 96 hours in case of an emergency situation.
    • Significance: 
    • With the success of the ‘Samudrayaan’, India joins the elite club of nations such as the USA, Russia, Japan, France and China to have such underwater vehicles for carrying out subsea activities. 

    Manned Submersible

    • It is designed to carry three persons in a 2.1-meter diameter Titanium Alloy Personnel Sphere with an operational endurance of 12h and systems to support emergency endurance up to 96h. 
    • Some of the critical subsystems of the manned submersibles are the development of Ti Alloy Personnel Sphere, Human support and safety system in enclosed space, low-density buoyancy modules, Ballast and Trim System. 
    • Pressure compensated batteries and propulsion systems, control and communication systems and Launching and Recovery Systems. 

    Source: PIB