Manohari Gold Tea of Assam


    In News

    • A rare variety of tea from Assam called Manohari Gold has been sold at a record-breaking price of Rs 99,999 per kg.
      • Earlier, a rare variety of handmade Assam tea called the Golden Butterfly Tea of Dikom Tea Estate of Rossell Tea Industries fetched Rs 75,000 per kg.

    About the Manohari Gold Tea:

    • The manufacturing process itself is costly with approximately only 80 grams of buds plucked per day, as compared to 20-25 kgs of tea leaves plucked per day. 
    • The method of breaking this tea, the leaf, is also different. It is broken before the sun’s rays fall between 4 and 6 in the morning. Its colour is light beige and the leaves are plucked along with the buds. 
    • Benefits:
      • It is also famous for its special aroma. Many types of antioxidants are found in this tea. 
      • Apart from this, they contain bioactive compounds that help in controlling the effects of aging and obesity.

    Source: IE