Plant Based Meat


    In Context

    • Recently, Various plant-based meat startups have come up such as Shaka Harry, 

                Beyond Meat and UnCrave.

    What is Plant based meat?

    • Plant-based meat (also referred as meat alternative or fake meat) is a food 

                product eaten as a replacement for meat. 

    • It bio-mimics or replicates meat, seafood, eggs, and milk derived from 

                animals — by looking, smelling, and tasting like them.

    • It is made from vegetarian or vegan ingredients such as soy, wheat gluten, 

                pea protein or mycoprotein.


    • These are consumed as a source of dietary protein by vegetarians, vegans, 

                and people following religious and cultural dietary laws. 

    • Their demand has also increased among non-vegetarians seeking to reduce 

                 the environmental impact of meat production in terms of greenhouse gas 

                 production, water and land use.


    • These are not necessarily healthier than meat due to their highly processed 

    nature and sodium content.

    • Uses of preservatives in plant-based meat, etc.