Exercise ‘Dharma Guardian’


    In News 

    • Exercise ‘DHARMA Guardian-2023’ was held between India and Japan at Belgaum, Karnataka.


    • The exercise was held to share experiences gained during operations, in order to enhance interoperability in the planning and execution of various operations in jungle & semi-urban/ urban terrain.
    • The Year 2022 also marks 70 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

    India-Japan Defence Relations

    • India-Japan Defense and Security partnership forms a central pillar of bilateral ties. It has gained strength in recent years due to growing convergence on strategic matters and the increasing significance of a common outlook on issues of peace, security and stability.
    • Exercises:
      • India-Japan participates in comprehensive  Tri-Service Exchanges resulting in regular armed forces staff talks between the two countries.
      • Indian Navy and JMSDF participate frequently in
        • Bilateral exercises such as JIMEX, Bilateral Maritime Exercises and Passage Exercises.
        • Multilateral exercises such as MILAN, MALABAR 
      • Indian Army – JGSDF participates in the bilateral exercise Dharma Guardian annually.
      • 2023 saw the inaugural  ‘Veer Guardian’ involving precise planning and skilful execution by the air forces of India and Japan.

    Significance of Japan

    • Japan’s manufacturing strength can help in the growth of the Indian indigenous defence industry.
    • India can utilize Japanese experience in building border infrastructure.
    • India receives large developmental assistance from Japan for special projects. Example: Bullet Train Project.
    • Convergent Factors :
      • Open  Indo-Pacific: An open and thriving Indo-Pacific is important for the development and welfare of both countries.
      • Hegemonic China: China’s growing military capabilities and assertiveness on territorial disputes are concerns for India and Japan.
      • US role in Asia: Growing uncertainty over America’s future role in Asia calls the two nations into action to protect and preserve the rules-based order in their neighbourhood.

    Way forward 

    • By building on common interests,the Indo-Japanese relationship can reshape the Asian landscape and help in securing an open and secure Indo-Pacific.

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