Crimson Rose Butterflies


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    • The Crimson Rose butterflies have been flying from Dhanushkodi across the Indian Ocean. It is known for crossing the sea to migrate to Sri Lanka.

    Crimson Rose Butterflies

    • About:   
      • Crimson Rose, which belongs to the Swallowtails (Papilionidae) family.
      • It is known to migrate along the coast, inland and crosses the sea often.
    • Description: 
      • It is a large butterfly with a mix of black, white and crimson colours on its wings and body, and is known for crossing the sea to migrate to Sri Lanka.
      • The most interesting and visually stunning aspect of the migration was that the butterflies made small pit stops on flowering plants on the beach to fuel their journey.
    • Characteristics: 
      • Crimson Roses were spotted on Ipomea flowers and Half leaf flowers on the beach. 
      • The grandest gathering was on a Calotropis gigantea plant, which was the sole plant in the vicinity.
      • Each butterfly spent about 30 seconds on nectaring and then continued its journey towards Sri Lanka.
    • Distribution :
    • The species occurs mostly in dry, deciduous forests, dense scrub, jungles, and open country, but can also be found in disturbed semi-evergreen, evergreen forests
    • This species occurs across mainland Sri Lanka and Peninsular India to West Bengal, as well as possible distributions along with the Andaman Islands, Nicobar Islands, in Western Myanmar, and Bangladesh
    • IUCN Status :
      •  The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species in 2019  listed it as Least Concern. 

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