Mudumalai Tiger Reserve (MTR)


    In News 

    • Tiger nicknamed MDT23  believed to have been responsible for the death of two herders in the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve and Gudalur was tranquillised by the Forest Department.

    About Mudumalai Tiger Reserve

    • It is located in the Nilgiris District of Tamil Nadu state, at the tri-junction of three states, viz, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.
    • It has a common boundary with Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary (Kerala) on the West, Bandipur Tiger Reserve (Karnataka) on the North, and the Nilgiris North Division on the South and East and Gudalur Forest Division on the South West, together forming a large conservation landscape for flagship species such as Tiger and Asian Elephant. 
    • Climate: 
      • The climate of Mudumalai is moderate. It experiences cold weather during the month of December or the beginning of January and hot weather is experienced during the months of March and April.
    • Important flora and fauna:
      • It has tall grasses, commonly referred to as “Elephant Grass”, Bamboo of the giant variety, valuable timber species like Teak, Rosewood, etc. 
      • There are several species of endemic flora. Such a varied habitat is inhabited by a variety of animals which include tigers, elephants, Indian Gaur, Panther, Sambar, Spotted Deer, Barking Deer, Mouse Deer, Common Langur, Malabar Giant Squirrel, Wild Dog, Mongoose, Jungle Cat, Hyena, among others.
    • This reserve has a wide variety of more than 260 species of birds
      • Eight per cent of bird species found in India are recorded in Mudumalai. 


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