Exercise Yudh Abhyas


    In News

    • Recently, the 17th Edition of Indo-US Joint Military Exercise “Ex Yudh Abhyas 2021” started at Joint Base Elmendorf – Richardson, Alaska (USA).


    • The previous (16th) edition of the exercise took place in February 2021 in Mahajan Field Firing Ranges in Bikaner.


    • Aim
      • It is carried with the aim of enhancing understanding, cooperation and interoperability between armies of India and USA.
      • The primary aim of the exercise is to share tactical level drills and learn best practices from each other.
    • It  is a step towards growing military cooperation between the both the countries.
    • The  focus will be  on combined arms manoeuvres in cold climatic conditions.

    Indo-US Partnership

    • The United States had designated India as a Major Defence Partner, in June 2016. Both the countries also signed key defence and security pacts in the past few years such as ‘Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA)’ in 2016.
      • LEMOA allows the militaries from both the countries to use each other’s bases for repair & replenishment of supplies and to provide a deeper cooperation.
    •  The BECA (Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement) agreement was signed in October 2020 in order to further boost bilateral defence ties. 
      • It provides for sharing of high-end military technology, logistics & geospatial maps between both the countries.
    • COMCASA (Communications Compatibility and Security Agreement) was signed in the year 2018.
      •  COMCASA provides for interoperability between both the militaries as well as provides for sale of high-end technology from the US.