F16 Package to Pakistan


    In News 

    • Recently, India conveyed its concern over the recent U.S. approval of a $450-million sustenance package for Pakistan’s F-16 fighter fleet

    About the deal

    • Pakistan first received the F-16 aircraft package from the Ronald Reagan administration in the 1980s despite heavy objection from the Government of India which cautioned that the aircraft would be used against Indian targets.
      • Indian objection was based on the findings that Pakistan would arm the F-16s with nuclear weapons that it had procured in a clandestine manner. 
    • The supply of F-16 multi role aircraft continued throughout the post-9/11 era till the Biden administration and the latest package shows the consistent nature of partnership between US and Pakistan. 
      • The US assistance will improve the precision-ability of the F-16 aircraft and allow Pakistan to access the latest air attack software from the United States. 


    • F-16 offers advanced interoperable capabilities that enhance partnerships with allies.
    • Its affordable lifecycle cost allows the F-16 to remain the best value among 4th generation jets.
    • New production F-16s leverage structural and capability upgrades that ensure the international F-16 fleet can operate to 2060 and beyond.
    • New-production F-16s include advanced capabilities, such as the APG-83 AESA Radar, modernised cockpit with new safety features, advanced weapons, conformal fuel tanks, an improved performance engine, and an industry-leading extended structural service life of 12,000 hours.