Rhine River


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    • Water levels on the Rhine river are very low because of unusually hot and dry weather, preventing many vessels from navigating the critical European shipping route fully loaded.

    About Rhine river

    • It is a waterway of western Europe culturally and historically one of the great rivers of the continent and among the most important arteries of industrial transport in the world. 
    • It rises in two headstreams high in the Swiss Alps.
    • It flows from two small headways in the Alps of east-central Switzerland north and west to the North Sea, into which it drains through the Netherlands.
    • It is a major route for products ranging from grains to chemicals and coal.
    • It is an important link between industrial producers and global export terminals in North Sea ports such as Rotterdam and Amsterdam, while canals and other rivers link the Rhine to the Danube, making it possible to ship to the Black Sea as well.