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    • Recently, the Defence Minister launched the fourth and latest ship of the Indian Navy’s 17A Frigates, the Dunagiri. 

    About Dunagiri

    • Development: It is built by Garden Reach Shipbuilders Limited (GRSE) in Kolkata.
    • Dunagiri is the fourth ship of P17A Frigates.
      • The first two warships of Project 17A INS Nilgiri and INS Himgiri were launched in 2019 and 2020 respectively.
      • The third ship INS Udaygiri was launched in 20.
    • Features: This series includes highly advanced, 6,600-tonne, guided missile frigates with cutting-edge stealth features, advanced weapons and sensors, and platform management systems.
      • The ships are designed with extensive use of low-observability technologies, including the use of composite materials and radar-absorbing coatings.
      • It is a world class stealth frigate with multidimensional capabilities to destroy enemies from sea, sky, and underwater.
    • History: Dunagiri is the reincarnation of the erstwhile ‘Dunagiri’, the Leander Class ASW Frigate, which in her 33 years of service had witnessed various challenging operations and multinational exercises.
    • All frigates of Project 17 are named after a mountain range in the country: starting with INS Shivalik launched in 2010, INS Satpura launched in 2011 and INS Sahyadri in 2012.
    • P17A Frigates are a follow-on class of the P17 (Shivalik Class) Frigates with improved stealth features, advanced weapons and sensors and platform management systems.
      • Seven P17A Frigates are under various stages of construction at Mazagaon Dock Limited (MDL) and GRSE.


    • There is a need to increase our infrastructure and assets in the changing scenario of the world.
    • Security challenges in the Indian Ocean region and Indo-Pacific are constantly increasing.
    • In order to achieve the Prime Minister’s Vision of ‘SAGAR’: Security and Growth for All in the Region’ and to protect, preserve and promote India’s National Maritime Interests we have to increase the infrastructure and assets so that the country stays ahead of the curve in dealing with these challenges.
    • Employment: Dunagiri project generated more than 3000 local employment opportunities.
    • Self-reliant India: The Project 17A Frigates form part of the nationwide objective to achieve a self-reliant India.

    Source: PIB