What is ‘Solar Hamam’?


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    • ‘Solar Hamam’ takes care of heating in cold Himalayan regions especially in the villages of Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.
      • The Solar Hamam had won the “Himachal Pradesh State Innovation Award for 2016-17”.

    What is Solar Hamam?

    • About:
      • The Solar Hamam provides an anti-freezing outlet. It provides for 15-18 litres of boiling hot water, within the first solar illumination of 30-35 minutes, at a maximum temperature of 90°C in the morning.
    • Aim:
      • Aimed at providing clean energy solutions to households across mountainous regions. It seeks to conserve forests, free women from collecting fuel wood and mitigate carbon emission.
    • Significance:
      • In the higher Himalayan region, 50% of fuelwood is consumed for the purpose of heating and is one of the major reasons for forests degradation and also the main cause of drudgery of women.
      • Post-installation maintenance for the Solar Hamam is minimal.
      • It is fabricated by rural artisans, mainly carpenters. Thus, it has also helped in generating employment.

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