Marwari Horses


    In News

    • Six Marwari horses have been exported from Jodhpur to Bangladesh where they will be used for carrying the cart of Bangladesh’s President.

    About  Marwari horse

    • The Marwari horse breed originated in the Marwar region of Rajasthan, where hot arid desert conditions present a unique ecosystem. 
    • Marwari horses are one of the finest breeds of horses and considered the most elegant and enduring breed among all
    • Marwari horses are known for their elegance, beauty, gait and other features, which many have said to be incomparable with any other horse breed on the earth.
    • The breed is primarily maintained for show, Horse Safaris & Sport, ceremonial & religious purposes, and during earlier days in war. 
      • It’s popularity has spread to other state particularly Punjab & Gujarat.