Mustard Gas


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    • The recent Nord Stream explosions in the Baltic took place at a major dumping ground for German chemicals and explosives including mustard gas.

    Mustard Gas

    • Possibly the world’s most commonly used chemical weapon.
    • It was widely used in World War I.
    • Gets its name from its distinctive odour of rotten mustard. 
    • It is slow acting.
    • Lethality: only about 5% to 10% of people exposed to it usually die.

    Chemical Weapons

    • About:
      • Specialised munitions that deliver chemicals that inflict death or injury on humans through chemical actions. 
      • Referred to as the “poor man’s bomb”- as relatively cheap and easy to produce
    • Impact: Cause catastrophic damage, trigger unmatched horror and leave deep psychological scars.
    • Commonly used chemical weapons: mustard gas, phosgene, chlorine, and the nerve agents Sarin and VX.

    Source: DTE