ISRO’s Next-Gen Launch Vehicle


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    • The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is developing a Next-Gen Launch Vehicle (NGLV).

    About Next-Gen Launch Vehicle

    • In NGLV, ISRO is understood to be looking at a cost-efficient, three-stage to orbit, reusable heavy-lift vehicle with a payload capability of ten tonnes to Geostationary Transfer Orbit (GTO).
    • NGLV will feature semi-cryogenic propulsion (refined kerosene as fuel with liquid oxygen (LOX) as oxidiser) for the booster stages which is cheaper and efficient
    • NGLV will feature a simple, robust design which allows bulk manufacturing, modularity in systems, sub-systems and stages and minimal turnaround time. 
    • Potential uses will be in the areas of launching communication satellites, deep space missions, future human spaceflight and cargo missions.