Cicada Species


    In News

    • The discovery of a new cicada species Platyomia kohimaensis in the Naga Hills, Nagaland almost after a century underscores the need for conservation.
      • Naga hills lie within the Indo-Burma biodiversity hotspot.

    Key Points

    • About:
      • Cicadas are hemipteran insects known for their loud, complex and species-specific acoustic signals or songs.
      • Most cicadas are canopy dwellers and are found in natural forests with large trees.
    • Prevalence:
      • The generic diversity of cicadas in India and Bangladesh ranks the highest in the world, followed by China.
      • The periodical cicada Chremistica ribhoi (locally called niangtaser and popular as ‘world cup cicada’) described in 2013 is confined to areas surrounding the Nongkhyllem Wildlife Sanctuary in Meghalaya, extending north up to Jirang block in Ri Bhoi district bordering Assam.
      • Their emergence is now confined to only areas adjoining Nongkyllem Wildlife Sanctuary.
    • Major Threats:
      • Rapidly diminishing natural habitat due to clearing of forest land and wildfires. 
      • Lack of much conservation support, unlike Butterflies.
    • Uniqueness of Platyomia kohimaensis:
      • The newly discovered cicada sings only in the dusk for a few hours.

    Source: DTE