Places in News: Solomon Islands


    In News 

    • Recently, the US stated that it will open an embassy in the Solomon Islands.
      • The embassy announcement emphasizes building partnerships with allies in the region as a way to counter China’s growing influence and ambitions.


    • The U.S. previously operated an embassy in the Solomons for five years before closing it in 1993. 
      • Since then, U.S. diplomats from neighboring Papua New Guinea have been accredited to the Solomons, which has a U.S. consular agency.

    About the Solomon Islands

    • The Solomon Islands, a country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. 
    •  Solomon Islands lie northeast of Australia and southwest of Hawaii.
      • They comprise 992 islands of which 147 are inhabited..
    • They gained independence from Britain on July 7, 1978. 
    • Honiara, on the north coast of Guadalcanal Island, is Solomon Islands’ capital and largest city.
    • Today, between 70 to 80 percent of the population live a subsistence form of life in their small villages, settlements and islands away from the main urban centres. 
    • Religion: About 95% of The Population are Christians
    • Flora and Fauna: The main Islands of Solomons are volcanic in origin covered with fast-flowing rivers and streams.
      •  They are home to many endemic flora and fauna species, which includes the common cardinal lorry.


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