Earth’s Black Box


    In Context 

    • A black box is being built in Australia that will record the Earth’s warming weather patterns.

    About Earth’s Black Box

    • It will be constructed in Tasmania, an Australian island state off the south coast. 
      • Tasmania was chosen for its relative geopolitical and environmental safety.
    • It is a 33-foot-long box made of 3-inch-thick steel is expected to be completed in 2022.
    • The data will be stored on a giant, automated, solar-powered hard drive with a capacity to collect information for about 50 years.
    • The purpose of the device is to provide an unbiased account of the events that lead to the demise of the planet, hold accountability for future generations, and inspire urgent action
    • Features 
    • It will operate much like a plane’s flight recorder, which records an aircraft’s final moments before crashing. 
      • If civilization does crash, this box will survive with a completely objective data story.
        • It will be designed to be resilient against threats including cyclones, earthquakes and, with its sloped walls, attacks by vandals.
    • It will collect daily metrics, including average oceanic and land temperatures, atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration and biodiversity loss.

    Source: IE