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    • Recently, the rare Norovirus infection was reported in some 13 students of a veterinary college in the Wayanad district of Kerala.

    About Norovirus 

    • It is a very contagious virus.
    • Anyone can get infected and sick with norovirus.
    • Norovirus illness is not related to the flu.
    • Transmission:
      • Having direct contact with an infected person
      • Consuming contaminated food or water
      • Touching contaminated surfaces and then putting unwashed hands in the mouth
    • Symptoms:
      • Diarrhoea
      • Vomiting
      • Nausea
      • Stomach pain
    • Prevention:
      • Drinking water sources need to be hygienic.
      • Wash the hands often.
      • Everyone should be vigilant.
      • Proper prevention and treatment can cure the disease quickly.

    Image Courtesy: CDC

    Source: IE