Slender Loris


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    • In a first in the country, the Tamil Nadu government notified Kaduvur slender loris sanctuary covering 11,806 hectares in Karur and Dindigul districts.

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    • The Kadavur slender loris sanctuary is to cover Vedasandur, Dindigul East and Natham taluks in Dindigul district and Kadavur taluk in Karur district.
    • The government notified ‘Kadavur slender loris sanctuary’ under Section 26 (A)(1)(b) of Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972.

    About Slender Loris

    • They are small nocturnal mammals that are arboreal in nature as they spend most of their life on trees. 
    • The species acts as a biological predator of pests in agricultural crops and benefits farmers.
    • It has a wide range of ecological roles to play in the terrestrial ecosystem.
    • The survival of the species depends on its habitat improvement, conservation efforts and mitigation of threats