Section 66A of IT Act


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    • Recently, the Supreme Court directed that no person should be prosecuted under Section 66A of the Information Technology Act, 2000, which has been struck down.

    Key Points

    • Court’s Stand:
      • The SC ordered not to register any complaint with respect to violation of Section 66A.
      • It said that in all cases where citizens are facing prosecution for violations of Section 66A, the reference and reliance upon 66A shall stand deleted.
      • Section 66A was held unconstitutional by the court in the Shreya Singhal case in 2015.
    • About Section 66A of IT Act:
      • Introduced in 2008 by the amendments to the IT Act, 2000
      • It provided the government with power to arrest and imprison an individual for allegedly “offensive and menacing” online posts.
      • Punishment: It prescribed that a conviction could fetch a maximum of three years in jail.
      • Shreya Singhal vs. Union of India: In 2015, the SC struck down the law calling it open-ended and unconstitutionally vague, and thus expanded the contours of free speech to the Internet.

    Source: IE