Wren Babblers


    In News

    • Recently, Birdwatchers have discovered a new species of the wren babblers in remote northeastern Arunachal Pradesh which has been named by them as Lisu wren babbler.
      • Their finding was published by Indian BIRDS which is a peer-reviewed journal of south Asian ornithology.
      • There has been only one report of the sighting of the wren babbler in India way back in 1988 in the same mountain.

    About Wren Babblers 

    • Babbler family: There are about 20 species of small Asian birds belonging to the babbler family Timaliidae.
    • Features:
      • They are 10 to 15 centimetres (4 to 6 inches) long, short-tailed and have a rather short and straight bill.
    • Habitat: Wren-babblers occur chiefly in southern Asia.
    • Grey bellied wren babblers: Which are almost similar to this new species are found mostly in Myanmar and in smaller numbers in China and Thailand.