Meitei script


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    • Recently, there have been efforts made to replace the Bengali script that’s currently in use with Meitei Mayek or the Manipuri script in Manipur.

    About Meitei script

    • The Meitei script or the Meetei script is used for the Meitei language which is the official language of Manipur state of India.
    • The script was once patronised by Meitei rulers but which fell into disuse with the advent of Hinduism and eventually disappeared.
      • It was used until the 18th century, when it was replaced by the Bengali alphabet.
    • The Meiteilon (Manipuri language) script is fairly old. 
      • According to Mutua Bahadur of Mutua Museum which houses artefacts from all over Manipur there are coins dating back to the reign of Meidingu Ura Konthouba (568-658) and Meidingu Ayangba (821-910) ‘Meidingu’ are kings who belong to the Ningthouja clan whose rule extends from 33 AD to 1949 AD.
    • The Manipur Official Language Act 1979: It was enacted with the definition of Manipuri language as “Meiteilon written in Bengali script and spoken by the majority of Manipuri population.
      • Manipuri written in Meitei Mayek was introduced in schools; now it is taught even at the university level by replacing Bengali script.
    • Amendment Act of 2021: the definition of “Manipuri language” in the Official Language Act was modified as Meiteilon in Meetei Mayek and spoken by the majority of Manipur population.