Laser-Based Clad Technology


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    • Recently, Indian Scientists have developed a unique laser-based clad coating technology (LCCT) that provides improved protection to the boiler parts in thermal power plants.

    What is Laser Cladding

    • Laser cladding, also known as laser metal deposition, is a technique for adding one material to the surface of another. 
    • Procedure:
      • Laser cladding involves the feeding of a stream of metallic powder or wire into a melt pool that is generated by a laser beam as it scans across the target surface, depositing a coating of the chosen material.

    Image Courtesy: Laserline 


    • It can enhance the life of boiler parts by 2- 3 times compared to currently used surfacing technologies. 
    • It has been found that this technology is suitable, not only for boiler parts of thermal power plants but also for any engineering application involving high temperature erosive and corrosive environments. 

    Source: PIB