TRIFED’s Artisanal Treasures – 12-09-2023


    Syllabus:GS1/ Art and Culture


    • The G20 Summit witnessed a showcase of India’s rich tribal heritage and craftsmanship, curated and presented by TRIFED (Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India), Ministry of Tribal Affairs.

    Longpi Pottery

    • Named after the village of Longpi in Manipur. The Tangkhul Naga tribes practice this exceptional pottery style. 
    • Unlike most pottery, Longpi does not resort to the potter’s wheel. All shaping is done with the hand and with the help of molds. 
    • The characteristic gray- black cooking pots, the stout kettles, quaint bowls, mugs and nut trays, at times with a handle of fine cane are trademarks of Longpi.

    Chhattisgarh Wind Flutes

    • It is curated from the  ‘Sulur’ bamboo  by the Gond Tribe of Bastar in Chhattisgarh.
    • Unlike traditional flutes, it produces melodies through a simple one-handed twirl.Craftsmanship involves meticulous bamboo selection, hole drilling, and surface etching with fish emblems, geometric lines, and triangles. 
    • Beyond music, the ‘Sulur’ serves utilitarian purposes, helping tribal men ward off animals and guide cattle through jungles. 

    Gond Paintings

    • The Gond tribe’s artistic brilliance shines through their intricate paintings, reflecting their deep connection to nature and tradition. 
    • They start with dots, calculating image volume, which they then connect to form outer shapes filled with vibrant colors.

    Gujarat Hangings

    • The Gujarati Wall Hangings are crafted by the Bhil & Patelia Tribe in Dahod, Gujarat.
    • The material used is cotton cloth and recycled materials along with mirror work, zari, stones, and beads.

    Araku Valley Coffee

    • Araku Valley Arabica Coffee is from the picturesque Araku Valley in Andhra Pradesh.
    • It is produced organically and boasts a distinguished reputation for its rich flavor, invigorating aroma, and unmatched purity.

    Sheep Wool Stoles

    • Bodh, Bhutia and Gujjar Bakarwal tribes from Himachal Pradesh/Jammu & Kashmir exhibit their ingenuity with pure sheep wool, fashioning a diverse range of apparel, from jackets to shawls and stoles. 
    • Sheep wool threads are woven into intricate diamond, plain, and herringbone patterns.Originally they were made in monochromatic colors white, black, and gray, however dual-colored designs now dominate.

    Rajasthan Artistry Unveiled: Mosaic Lamps, Ambabari Metalwork, and Meenakari Crafts

    • Glass Mosaic Pottery captures the mosaic art style, meticulously crafted into lamp shades and candle holders. When illuminated, they unleash a kaleidoscope of colors, adding vibrancy to any space.
    • Meenakari is an art of decorating metal surfaces with vibrant mineral substances, a technique introduced by the Mughals. Delicate designs are etched onto metal, creating grooves for colors to nestle in. Each hue is fired individually, creating intricate, enamel-adorned pieces.
    • Metal Ambabari Craft curated by the Meena Tribe, also embraces enameling, a meticulous process that elevates metal decoration. Today, it extends beyond gold to metals like silver and copper.

    Source: PIB