Early warning systems in Himalayan States


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    • The National Geophysical Research Institute (NGRI) of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research has begun field studies to put in place an early-warning system in the Himalayan States.

    What are the Early Warning Systems?


    • Early warning system is an adaptive measure for climate change, using integrated communication systems to help communities prepare for hazardous climate-related events. 
    • A successful EWS saves lives and jobs, land and infrastructures and supports long-term sustainability. 

    About Early warning systems in Himalayan States

    • Application:
      • Against major and sudden floods, rockslides, landslips, glacier lake bursts and avalanches and to prevent Chamoli kind of disasters in future.
    • Significance:
      • These instruments are crucial for the safety of large infrastructure projects and hydroelectric power plants in this region.
      • The NGRI has started utilising Machine Learning to detect these observations faster than the normal approach because time becomes crucial during a warning.

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