Issi Saaneq


    In News

    • Recently, a new genus of dinosaur has been identified from two fossilized skulls found in Jameson Land, a peninsula in eastern Greenland.


    • This is the first evidence of a distinct Greenlandic dinosaur species. 
    • The two skulls come from a juvenile and an almost adult individual. 
    • Researchers have performed a micro-CT scan of the bones, which enabled them to create digital 3D models. 
    • They have determined that the finds belong to a new species, which they have named Issi saaneq. 

    About Issi Saaneq

    • The two-legged Issi saaneq lived in what is now Greenland approximately 214 million years ago (Late Triassic epoch).
    • It was a medium-sized and long necked herbivore.
    • It was a predecessor of the sauropods, the largest land animals ever to live.
    • The name of the new dinosaur pays tribute to Greenland’s Inuit language and means “coldbone”.

    Source: IE