Nirav Modi Extradition


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    Recently ,the High Court in London rejected the appeal of fugitive diamond merchant Nirav Modi and ordered his extradition to India.

    About Extradition 

    • Extradition is the formal process whereby a State requests from the requested State the return of a person accused or convicted of a crime to stand trial or serve a sentence in the requesting State. 
      • Historically, there was no general duty to extradite.
    •  Extradition was often based on informal relations between leaders of sovereign States. 
      • The increasing numbers of such cases created the need for more formal agreements.
    • Article 16 of the Organized Crime Conventions deals with extradition. 
    • the extradition treaty between India and UK: India is a designated Part 2 country by virtue of the Extradition Act 2003, which means it is the UK Cabinet minister who has the authority to order a requested person’s extradition after all legal issues are dealt with in the courts.