In Context

    • Recently, Indian Navy’s major Operational level exercise TROPEX 2023, culminated in the Arabian Sea. 


    • It is an operational level exercise that is conducted biennially and witnesses participation not only by all Indian Navy units but also of Indian Army, Indian Air Force and Coast Guard assets.
      • It included Coastal Defence exercise Sea Vigil and the Amphibious Exercise AMPHEX. 
    • It was set in the Indian Ocean including the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal.
    • TROPEX 23 witnessed participation of approximately 70 Indian Navy ships, six submarines and over 75 aircraft. 
    • The exercise is being conducted in different phases, both in harbour and at sea, encompassing various facets of combat operations, including live weapon firings.


    • This exercise provides an opportunity to test the combat readiness of the combined Fleets of the Indian Navy to operate in a multi-threat environment. 
    • The maritime exercise also facilitates operational level interaction with the Indian Army, Indian Air Force and the Coast Guard, which will further strengthen interoperability and joint operations in a complex environment.