Star College Mentorship Programme


    In News

    • The Star College Mentorship Programme was launched by the Ministry of Science and Technology.
      • It will help young scientists and students to innovate and find solutions to future challenges through peer learning & hand-holding.

    About the Program:

    • It was the first-ever Mentorship Programme for Young Innovators to mark the 75th Year of India’s Independence.
    • This is a pan India Scheme that envisages Star College in every district of the country supported by the Department of Biotechnology

    Vision, Mission and Goals

    • Promote scientific temper:
      • It is in line with the Prime Minister’s Independence Day address wherein he emphasized that the roadmap for the next 25 years will be 
        • Determined by the scientific and technological innovations and scientific prowess in all walks of life.
    • Hand-holding and peer learning:
      • The plan envisages handhold at colleges particularly in the rural areas or lesser endowed areas. 
        • It will also conduct outreach activities with government schools. 
      • The Star Status Colleges will help in strengthening UG Science Courses throughout the country by mentoring the newer colleges.
    • Organizing workshops, meetings per month:
      • The programme will help towards the concept of networking and outreach. 

    Success so far

    • Outreach: 
      • A total of 278 undergraduate colleges across the country are currently being supported under the DBT Star College Scheme. 
      • More than 1.5 lakh students were supported in the last five years.
    • Level playing field: 
      • The categorization of the scheme into urban and rural categories during 2018-19 ensured a level playing field for applicants hailing from rural and urban areas of the country. 
      • Presently 55 colleges from rural areas and 15 colleges in Aspirational districts are being supported under the scheme in a short time period of two years. 
    • Comprehensive support: 
      • The support is not limited to the procurement of equipment.
      • The scheme also supports the training of faculty and laboratory staff, lectures by eminent scientists, visits to research institutes and industry etc. 
    • Holistic Plan:
      • This type of holistic support is expected to create an enabling environment for students to get motivated and pursue science education. 


    • Article 51 A(h) of our constitution states that it shall be the duty of every citizen to develop scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform.
    • Thus , there is a need for focusing on increasing numbers of beneficiaries in human resource-related schemes like 
      • Star College Scheme, 
      • Skill Vigyan Programme(Skill Development Programme) in Biotechnology, 
      • Biotech Industrial Training Programme and 
      • doctoral & post-doctoral and Re-entry Schemes & Fellowships, and other similar schemes. 

    Source: PIB