Himalayan Wolf


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    The Himalayan wolf is a major predator of livestock in the region.

    About Himalayan Wolf

    • It is also called Tibetan wolves, which live at more than 4,000 metres altitudes and are genetically distinct from grey wolves found in Europe and North America.
    • It seems uniquely adapted to life at high-altitudes of the Himalayas and the Tibetan Plateau.
      • It is found throughout the Himalayas.
    • Its diet consisted of 20 different food items including small birds, reptiles to large mammals and domestic animals such as cattle and yak.
      • Half of the wolf’s diet may consist of livestock.

    Image Courtesy:DTE

    Related Projects 

    • The Himalayan Wolves Project, led by Geraldine Werhahn and Naresh Kusi combines interdisciplinary research from genetics to ecology and social surveys with the aim to understand and protect the Himalayan wolf, coexisting wildlife, and its habitat.