Sagol Kangjei


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    • The Home Minister inaugurated  a 122-foot-tall statue of a polo player astride a Manipur Pony in Imphal.


    • Modern-day polo originated within the small northeast Indian state of Manipur in 3100 BC, where it was played as sagol kangjei (sagol means pony and kangjei is a game of sticks). 
    • The Manipur Pony is one of five recognised equine breeds of India, and has a powerful cultural significance for Manipuri society. 
    • The Lai-Haraoba festival of the state depicts the life and times of Khori-phaba, the polo-playing god of sports.
    • The origins of polo in Manipur are associated mythologically with Marjing, the God of the Chenglei tribe, to whom a structure similar to the ancient polo stick along and a ball are still offered in worship.

    Source: IE