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    • Recently, the 6th Edition of India – UK Joint Company Level Military Training EXERCISE AJEYA WARRIOR has commenced at Chaubatia, Uttarakhand .


    •  The exercise is part of an initiative to develop interoperability and sharing expertise with friendly foreign nations.
    • During this exercise, an Infantry Company from the Indian Army and an equivalent strength from UK Army would be sharing their experiences gained during the conduct of various military operations in their respective countries and during overseas engagements. 
      • Together, both the armies stand to benefit from their varied experiences. 
    • As part of the training, both the Armies would familiarise with each other’s weapons, equipment, tactics, techniques and procedures for carrying out joint military operations. 
    • There would be a series of Expert Academic Discussions on various subjects of mutual interest such as Combined Arms Concept, Sharing of Experiences in Joint Force, Operation Logistics etc.  


    • The joint military training would culminate with a grueling 48 hours exercise to validate the performance of both the Armies in conducting joint military operations in a semi-urban environment. 
    • This joint military training will go a long way in improving bilateral relations and also will be a major step towards further strengthening the traditional bond of friendship between the two Nations.

    Source :PIB