Armed Forces Flag Day


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    Every year on December 7, India commemorates Armed Forces Flag Day

    About Armed Forces Flag Day

    • The Defense Minister’s Committee on August 28, 1949, created the Armed Forces Flag Day Fund. 
    • In 1993, the Defense Ministry of India amalgamated all relevant welfare funds, including funds for war victims, the Kendriya Sainik Board Fund, the ex-welfare servicemen’s fund, and other units, to establish the Armed Forces Flag Day fund.
    • It aims to raise donations for the welfare of the Armed Forces Staff. 
    • This day is observed to honour Indian soldiers, sailors, and pilots. 
    • The day also pays tribute to hundreds of thousands of men who have died protecting the country.
    •  Significance: This day is observed to encourage public engagement and support across the country for the following goals: 
      • To provide rehabilitative assistance to the relatives of war victims.
      • To take initiatives to safeguard the well-being of service members and their families.
      • To assist former service veterans and their families with their welfare and resettlement.