‘WMO Provisional State of the Global Climate 2022’


    In News 

    • The report titled ‘WMO Provisional State of the Global Climate 2022’ released at the 27th Conference of Parties to the UNFCCC.

    About the report 

    • The WMO State of the Global Climate report is produced annually. 
    • It provides an authoritative voice on the current state of the climate using key climate indicators and reporting on extreme events and their impacts. 
    • The temperature figures used in the provisional 2022 report are until the end of September. The final version will be issued next April.

    Major Findings 

    • The global mean temperature in 2022 is estimated to be 1.15 degree Celsius above the pre-industrial (1850-1900) average, likely making the eight years from 2015 the warmest on record.
      • Despite La Niña conditions keeping the global temperature low for the second consecutive year, 2022 is still most likely to be the fifth or sixth warmest year on record
    • The rate of sea level rise has doubled since 1993 and has risen by nearly 10 mm since January 2020 to a new record high this year.
    • Concentrations of the main greenhouse gases – carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide – once again reached record levels in 2021. The annual increase in methane concentration was the highest on record. 
    • India also reported significant flooding at various stages during the monsoon season, particularly in the northeast in June.