Exercise MILAN


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    • India is set to host its largest naval exercise, Ex Milan, in February 2022 for which 41 countries have been invited.
      • The exercise will see the participation of all Quad countries with the U.S. being invited for the first time.

    Exercise Milan

    • It is a biennial, multilateral naval exercise which started in 1995.
    • Formerly, held at Port Blair and now is shifted to Visakhapatnam 
    • The Navy has held 10 editions of the Milan exercise, with the theme of “synergy across the seas” to enhance professional interactions between friendly foreign navies and learn best practices from each other, since 1995. 
    • The areas of cooperation of the exercise includes capacity building, marine domain awareness, training, hydrography, technical assistance, and operational exercises.

    Other Military Exercises of India 

    • JIMEX : India-Japan
    • Ex-Desert Knight 21 exercise:  It is a bilateral air exercise to be held between Indian Air Force and the French air and Space Force.
    • Indra Dhanush: It is a joint air force exercise between the Indian Air Force and the Royal Air Force of the United Kingdom
    • Exercise Pitch Black: India and Australia.
      • The main aim of the exercise is to practice Defensive Counter Air combat and Offensive Counter Air Combat
    • AUSINDEX: Bilateral naval exercise between the Indian Navy and the Australian Navy.
      • Both countries hold bilateral army exercises named  AUSTRAHIND.
    • Dharma Guardian: The joint military exercise named “Dharma Guardian” between India and Japan.
      • The exercise is aimed at developing mutual understanding and respect between militaries of both countries, as also facilitate in tracking worldwide phenomenon of terrorism
    • Aviaindra: India and Russia joint air exercise.
    • Nomadic Elephant: India and  Mongolia joint exercise.

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