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    • Pakistan’s Department of Archaeology warned that heavy rainfall in the Sindh province threatened the World Heritage status of Mohenjo Daro

    About Mohenjo-daro 

    • Mohenjo-Daro or the “Mound of the dead” lies in Larkana district of Sindh (Pakistan), about 5 km away from the Indus.
    • It is one of the largest of the Indus Valley Civilization sites.
    • It was discovered by archeologists Rakhaldas Banerji and Sir John Marshall.
    • The site is famous for its elaborate town planning with street grids with brick pavements, developed water supply, drainage, and covered sewerage systems, homes with toilets, and monumental buildings.
    • Its excavations revealed findings like the Great Bath, Great Granary, a large assembly hall, temple-like structure, the seal of Pashupati and a bust of a bearded man.
    • It is the most glaring example of town planning in the Harappan civilization. The city is divided into citadel and lower city.
    • The civilization went into decline in the middle of the second millennium BC for reasons that are believed to include catastrophic climate change.