Indian Space Policy 2023


    In News

    • The Union government has approved the Indian Space Policy 2023.

    About Policy 

    • The policy lays down the roles and responsibilities of organizations such as the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), NewSpace India Limited, and private sector entities.
      • The government had earlier opened up the space sector for the private sector to help boost the development of the segment.
    • It is expected to provide a framework for the country’s space sector for the next decade.

    Objectives and Need 

    • It aims to boost the country’s space department’s role and give larger participation to research, academia, startups, and industry.

    The Indian Space Programme 

    • It is characterized by a vision to use space technology for national development. 
    • It aims to establish operational space services in a self-reliant manner in the thrust areas of satellite communication, satellite-based resource survey/management, satellite navigation, satellite meteorological applications, and other emerging areas and to carry out sustained research and development in these areas. 
    • The Department of Space (DOS) is responsible for the administration of the Indian Space Programme. 
    • Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is a premier research and development organization under the Department of Space.

    Budgetary Allocations  and FDI 

    • The Department of Space expenditure has been slashed by 8% in the 2023-24 Union Budget, down to ?12,543.91 crores, from ?13,700 crores in the previous Budget estimate. However, this is 19% higher than the revised estimate from the last fiscal.
    • FDI in the space sector is allowed up to 100% in the area of Satellites-Establishment and Operations through Government route only.