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    E9 Initiative

    • It is the consultation meeting of Education Ministers of E9 countries (Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria and Pakistan).
    • It is the first of a three-phased process to co-create an initiative on digital learning and skills, targeting marginalised children and youth, especially girls.
    • Aim: To accelerate recovery and advance the Sustainable Development Goal 4 agenda by driving rapid change in education systems in three of the 2020 Global Education Meeting priorities, namely,
      • Support for teachers.
      • Investment in skills.
      • Narrowing of the digital divide.
    • Theme: Scaling up digital learning to accelerate progress towards SDG4.
    • Spearheaded by the United Nations (UN), the E9 countries will have the opportunity to benefit from this global initiative and accelerate progress on digital learning, according to the UNESCO.
    • The initiative will highlight progress and share lessons learned regarding challenges on digital learning and skills.


    • It is a Telugu word for the traditional wood pressed method of extracting oil.
    • The bullock-driven method of extracting oil using a wooden mortar is an eco-friendly activity and causes no pollution.
    • The method has a great potential for creating a healthy society and sustained livelihood.
    • The cold pressed method helps in retaining the natural antioxidants and has gained popularity among health-conscious people.

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    Narikurava community


    • The Narikuravar is an indigenous community from the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.
    • They have traditionally been hunters, but now make and sell beads and small beauty products at the margins of roads, often searching for business from place to place in hopes of finding new markets and customers.
    • Under List Of Backward Classes Approved By Government Of Tamil Nadu
      •  The Narikuravar community in Tamil Nadu is listed as a Most Backward Class (MBC), and for decades they have been struggling to be recognised as a Scheduled Tribe (ST), a status that would allow them to access education and employment reservations.

    Wolf–Rayet Stars


    • Indian astronomers have tracked a rare supernova explosion and traced it to one of the hottest kinds of stars called Wolf–Rayet stars or WR stars.
      • Supernovae (SNe) are highly energetic explosions in the universe releasing an enormous amount of energy.
    • They are highly luminous objects a thousand times that of the Sun.
    • They are massive stars and strip their outer hydrogen envelope which is associated with the fusion of Helium and other elements in the massive core.
    • It is estimated that about 50% of Wolf-Rayet stars occur in binary systems.
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    Supreme Court Portal for Assistance in Court’s Efficiency (SUPACE)

    • The Supreme Court of India launched its Artificial Intelligence portal: SUPACE (Supreme Court Portal for Assistance in Courts Efficiency).
    • A tool that collects relevant facts and laws and makes them available to a judge.
    • It is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) portal which is designed to make research easier for judges.
    • It is not designed to take decisions, but only to process facts
    • It is designed to make research easier for judges, thereby easing their workload.
    • A big step in ensuring access to justice and will be helpful to Judiciary in reducing pendency and delivering justice to needy people.