Amorphous ice


    In News

    • Recently, A team of researchers at University College London and the University of Cambridge have created a rare new form of ice called Medium-density Amorphous Ice.


    • Methodology: 
      • They used a technique called ball-milling, which grinds crystalline ice into small particles using metal balls in a steel jar, to create the amorphous ice. 
        • Ball milling is commonly used in industries to grind and blend materials into amorphous forms. 
      • The study team used liquid nitrogen to cool a grinding jar to -200°C and vigorously shook crystalline ice with steel ball bearings.
    • Properties:
    • The new form of ice more closely resembles liquid water.
    • It has the same density as that of liquid water, while being in solid state.


    Crystalline vs. Amorphous Ice:

    • Almost all of the ice we see in the natural environment of Earth (e.g. in snow, your freezer, in the polar caps) is crystalline ice. 
    • Amorphous ice consists of water molecules arranged in a disordered state, with no large-scale regularity to their orientations or positions.