Open Standard Digital Trunking Radio System’ (OS-DTRS)


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    • The  Delhi Police is set to design, install and supply the ‘Open Standard Digital Trunking Radio System’ (OS-DTRS) and will phase out the current tetranet wireless network services. 

    About OS-DTRS

    • The project will cost close to Rs 100 crore and it will be a more efficient internal communication system, aimed at a faster exchange of information and bigger networks. 
    • The trunking system provides multiple channels and common groups for policemen. 
      • This way, they are communicating with more personnel using fewer groups.
        • Groups are formed based on geographical area and function.
    • It will also have a voice logger system, which can be used to describe a crime scene, interrogation details and evidence. 
      • The logs are saved in the system.
    • The project’s master site will be at the Delhi Police HQ. 
    • the master site will have OS-DTRS control and switching equipment, a network management system, 90 IP-based logger systems, 50-inch or bigger LED monitors, an antenna system, and maintenance systems. 
    • Equipment and services are expected to run for at least 10 years and fix network issues faced by personnel on the ground.