Project RE-HAB


    In News 

    • Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) launched Project RE-HAB at Village Mornoi in Goalpara district of Assam which severely grapples with elephant-human conflicts.

    About Project RE-HAB

    • Under Project RE-HAB, “Bee-fences” are created by setting up bee boxes in the passageways of elephants to block their entrance to human territories. 
    • The boxes are connected with a string so that when elephants attempt to pass through, a tug or pull causes the bees to swarm the elephant herds and dissuade them from progressing further. 
      • It is scientifically recorded that elephants are annoyed by the honey bees. 
    • Project RE-HAB is a sub-mission of KVIC’s National Honey Mission.
      • The Honey Mission is a programme to increase the bee population, honey production and beekeepers’ income by setting up apiaries.
    • Achievement
      • Project RE-HAB has been a great success in Karnataka and so it has been launched in Assam with greater efficiency and better technological know-how.
        • In just 6 months, this project has reduced elephant attacks by over 70%.
    • Benefits 
      • It will thwart elephant attacks in human habitations using honeybees and thus reducing the loss of lives of both humans as well as elephants.
      • It will also help in maintaining a balance in nature, along with the conservation of biodiversity.
      • It is being extremely cost-effective as compared to various other measures such as digging trenches or erecting fences without causing any harm to the animals. 

    Source: PIB