Shumang Leela


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    • The 50th All Manipur Shumang Leela Festival 2021-2022 kicked off  in Imphal.


    • Shumang Leela which means ‘Courtyard performance‘ is a traditional Manipuri theatrical art form considered to have developed in the 19 th and 20 th century.
    • It is believed to be descended from Lai Haraoba, a ritual of the Meiti Community.
    • The roles are all played by male actors called  ‘Nupi Shabis‘, some dressed as beautiful ladies. The roles of male characters are played by female artists in case of female theatre groups.


    • It is a medium of communication to spread social awareness to people through its meaningful themes and enactments which portray the socio-politico-economic issues of the people not only in Manipur but also globally.