Zographetus Dzonguensis


    In News

    • A butterfly species new to science have been found at Dzongu in Sikkim.


    • The new species of butterfly is named the Chocolate-bordered Flitter.
    • It carries the scientific name Zographetus dzonguensis, after Dzongu in North Sikkim, the place where it was discovered. 
      •  It has a chocolate coloured border around both the wings
    • Its closest relatives are Zographetus Pangi in Guangdong, and Zographetus hainanensis in Hainan, both in southeastern China, close to Hong Kong.
    • The physical appearance of the species differ slightly and the internal structures of the males also differ slightly.

    Other Important Key Facts

    • A Himalayan butterfly named Golden Birdwing is India’s largest, a record an unknown specimen had held for 88 years.
    • The smallest is the Quaker (Neopithecops zalmora) with a wingspan of 18 mm and forewing length of 8 mm.
    • Other State Butterflies:
      • Maharashtra was the first in the country to announce its state butterfly (Blue Mormon).
      • Uttarakhand has Common Peacock.
      • Karnataka has the Southern Birdwing.
      • Kerala has Malabar banded peacock or buddha butterfly.
      • Tamil Nadu has declared the Tamil Yeoman Butterfly species (endemic to the Western Ghats) as the state butterfly.